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Is the End of Bourgeois Rule
Unthinkable ?
28 Posts • Proyect's Marxism • Hillier's LeninList • March 27 - July 2, 1998

Before a communist movement can again
command the respect and allegiance of millions,
it must cleanse itself of decades of debris
and give a decisive reply to all questions concerning
the nature of democratic rights under workers' rule.

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With contributions from:
  • Jim Hillier
  • Jim Monaghan
  • Juan Rafael Fajardo
  • George Goldstein
  • Richard Bos
  • Jim Paris
  • Klo McKinsey
  • Ben Seattle
  • and maybe you ?

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  • The Core of
         the Program
         of the Working Class
  • Democratic Rights
         under Workers' Rule
  • Will the "D of P"
         censor the internet?
  • On Communist Unity
  • A communist movement capable of
    mobilizing workers in their millions
    can only emerge around the unifying goal
    of the overthrow of bourgeois rule.

    But the goal of workers' rule
    will be forever unthinkable
    until the crisis in communist
    theory is overcome.

    As long as the dominant conceptions
    of workers' rule in a modern society
    cling to the myth of a one-party state
    which controls all media
    and suppresses all opposition,
    ordinary workers will know that
    the communist movement as a whole
    and communist activists as individuals
    lack the courage to deal honestly
    and objectively with the ignorance,
    prejudice, denial and charlatanism
    within their own own ranks.

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