At stake was nothing less than the ability to understand and change the world !

Beat the Drowning Dog productions presents
politainment as you've never seen it before !

A theoretical extravaganza 25 years in the making,
culminating in the utter fiasco and defeat
of those attempting to equate revolutionary Marxism
with the dark legacy of Stalin.

Starring Joseph, as the single-point-of-control freak
driven to charlatanism, Mark, as the titan of tough talk,
the Communist Voice Organization, as the hard-core spam addicts,
the Chicago Workers Voice supporters, as the spam addicts
trying to decide if its worth a struggle to recover and stay clean,
and Ben as the relentless spam-buster who couldn't be stopped.
Special guest appearance by Professor Itzalso Sympul.

Hear more about The Self-Organizing Moneyless Economy:

21st Century Leninism
"Marxist-Leninist" Revisionism

The twenty-five year history
of the theoretical development
of the Marxist-Leninist Party
has culminated in this decisive debate
over the theoretical question that will dominate
the inceasingly information-based economy
of the 21st century.

 NOW ...  You can get the full, unexcerpted 
            and uncensored version of the 
            debate between Joseph and Ben.

 WHO ...  worships capitalism ? ... YOU DECIDE 

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  • "These articles from Ben show his view of eternal capitalism."
    -- Joseph (Detroit, January 28, 1995)

  • "Let's see, a society of independent producers who, despite conflicting with one another, `somehow' produce a heaven on earth. Ben's `cooperative anarchy' is just another way of describing capitalism, another way of praising the `invisible hand' which unites the independent, conflicting entities. Socialism must overcome anarchy of production, it must overcome independent processes that are somehow coordinated."
    -- Mark (Detroit, December 17, 1994)

  • "Joseph's 'Left-Wing Neo-conservatives' serves as a reply to Ben and more. Joseph attacks a growing problem in the left, bowing to the pressure of the conservative offensive."
    -- CWV Theoretical Journal (Editorial Guide, February 14, 1995)

  • "Ben makes silly speculations on economic issues without a clue as to how economy operates. ... Ben's niche is to take advantage of or play on the lack of study of economics among the circles which are audience for his papers, and dazzle persons with demagogical blather. It is a waste of time to pursue consideration of Ben's views. If persons are not interested in studying economics, that is their prerogative; but they will not advance their understanding through Ben's daydreaming. ... If one accepts this utopia of Ben's, then actually there would be no need for market relations to arise, since the milk and honey would flow automatically."
    -- Fred (Seattle March 24, 1995)

  • "interesting science fiction"
    -- Joe (Boston, March 28, 1995)

  • "monstrous tomes of insulting, anarchist trash to waste the time and energy of anyone who is conned into paying attention to it."
    -- Phil (Seattle, December 29, 1995)

  • "Seattle Ben ... wants to promote ... competitive-market-communism."
    -- Neil (Los Angeles, April 22, 1996)


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